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Please note that it is an industry-standard to almost always present the inside packaging measurements of custom boxes. These are displayed as L x W x D (Length x Width x Depth) in the unit of inches. 

  1.  Lay the items on a table or flat surface just as you wish to display them in the final packaging.
  2.  Measure and record the L x W x D. 
  3.  Finally, round up to the nearest 1/16 inch for each measurement. This will ensure every item is packaged just right. 

Impenco's cutting-edge print technologies use the CMYK colour spectrum, an industry best practice that does not include white inks. If you use white in your designs (e.g., fonts, color blocking, highlights, etc.), we recommend choosing our white paper types. These white-based papers allow you to use white elements in your box artwork.

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