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Our business spans seven decades. We combine tradition with modernity to create custom packaging solutions. Our legacy ensures that each package is perfectly crafted, manufactured to meet your unique needs, and designed to elevate your brand.


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In 1953, Joseph Herzog, a skilled jeweller from Czechoslovakia, established Impenco Packaging in Montreal. His passion for perfection and innovative approach created a new market demand by offering superior, customized packaging solutions that set new standards in the industry.

We blend tradition with modernity to create personalized packaging solutions. Our heritage guarantees that each package is meticulously crafted, manufactured to meet your specific requirements, and designed to enhance your brand. 

Impenco Ltd. has expanded by adding new packaging categories, growing its client base, and patenting numerous innovative products. In 2010, a retail division called Prestige Pak was established and quickly became an industry leader. 

Joseph Herzog’s vision extended beyond aesthetics; he created packaging that resonated with jewellers and their customers. Today, Impenco Ltd. and Prestige & Fancy are the top choices for businesses seeking excellence. 

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