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A worldwide industry leader, Impenco is the single most trusted name in fine packaging solutions for major brands of jewelry, watches, writing instruments, glasses, confectionery, garments, fashion, and gift accessories.


Customers affirm top-notchQuality

4.5 out of 5 based on 250 reviews.

Transforming Ideas into Exceptional Packaging*Experiences.


Green from the Ground Up

Packaging perfected: sustainable, stylish, and designed to delight.


Designed by You, Perfected by Us

CreativeInnovative designs, standout appeal.

High-QualitySuperior craftsmanship, lasting durability.

Eco-FriendlySustainable materials, responsible production.

Packaging design essentials

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packaging solutions.

Packaging solutions that combine sustainability, style, and superior functionality to showcase your products.

Discover what 70 years of innovation looks like

Pink Paper Cup

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Gradient Chips Bag

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Coffe Cup Holder

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Hi-Quality Paper Box

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Retro Burger Box

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Our Testimonials.

What our customers say about transforming their product presentations with our packaging solutions

── "The packaging solutions provided by Impenco have not only protected our unique products but also elevated our brand image. Exceptional quality and service!

Drenabella Lim
Drenabella Lim


── "We were impressed by the innovative packaging designs from Impenco. They helped us stand out in a competitive market and enhance customer experience.

Dominic D. Brune
Dominic D. Brune

Retail Jeweler

── "Efficiency, reliability, and attention to detail are what make Wrapmax our go-to packaging partner. Their solutions have exceeded our expectations every time."

Jonathan Dume
Jonathan Dume


── "Impenco provided exceptional support. Their creative packaging solutions and dedication to customer satisfaction have been invaluable to our business.

Robert D. Soul
Robert D. Soul


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